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10 things we didn't know last week

1. Sleep deprived men think women are more amorous than they actually are. Find out more (Daily Mail) 2. You can steer a helicopter with your thoughts Find out more>Designer John Galliano was so cosseted he had no idea how to use a cash machine. Find out more (Vanity Fair) 4. One visitor a month is bitten by monkeys at London Zoo.nd out more (Camden New Journal) 5. Obese mice have fat grandchildren (not fat children). Find out more 6. Babies learn to grimace in the womb so they can show they are unhappy after birth. ind out more (Daily Mirror) 7. Shares bought by female company directors do better in the long-term than those bought by male directors. Find out more (The Economist) 8. In France's Bac Litteraire, philosophy counts more than any other subject. Find out more 9. Caterpillars can turn trees white. Find out more (Daily Mail) 10. Boys are given names containing larger sounding vowels than girls. Find out more (Daily Telegraph) Seen a thing? Tell the Magazine on Twitter using the hashtag #thingIdidntknowlastweekYou can follow the Magazine on Twitter and on Facebook

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1. Sleep deprived men think women are more amorous...
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