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Resist the temptation vi da shower. Long exposure to hot water strips moisture from. Keep it temperate, and keep it to ten minutes - it's better for the planet too! Your hair will deal better with the extremes of hot and cold if you dry it quickly and thoroughly after showering. Going out with wet hair in cold weather lowers your core body temperature and wet hair is prone to stretching and breaking. Hats not only keep you warm, they also protect your hair. You can avoid the dreaded hat hair and annoying static by investing in silk lined hats. Other static electricity beaters include using brushes with natural bristles and investing in some hair serum to smooth you out before you head out the door. Serums are hair products that generally rely on silicone or oils to provide shine and frizz control. They do not moisturize hair but coat it. In the winter time, this coating provides a barrier of protection against drying cold air and will help to lock in moisture. Make the most of the long evenings in by treating your hair with a masque or leave in conditioner. These treatments restore moisture to your hair and help smooth and repair the hair shaft. You can really maximise the benefits by popping a shower cap on or wrapping your hair in cling film while you wait. Another option is to use a leave in conditioner. Leave in conditioner leaves your hair feeling soft and manageable. Spray leave in conditioners can be used for all hair types. Cream and lotion formulas are best suited for thick or coarse hair. Curly hair especially benefits from leave in conditioner as it helps define curls.Although when the winter closes in sometimes our social schedule winds down a bit, it's best not to go too long between haircuts. Regular trims prevent the development of split ends and promote healthy new growth, and your hairdresser will be able to recognise signs of weather related stress on your hair and will be able vi da to advise you of the best course of action to ensure your luscious locks are fit to be shown off when summer comes back around.

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